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Brett Goldstein


(Ed.) 2013


Beyond Transparency: Open Data and the Future of Civic Innovation.


Washington: Code for America Press


316 pp


The rise of open data in the public sector has sparked innovation, driven efficiency, and fueled economic development. While still emerging, we are seeing evidence of the transformative potential of open data in shaping the future of our civic life, and the opportunity to use open data to reimagine the relationship between residents and government, especially at the local level. Edited by Brett Goldstein, former Chief Data Officer for the City of Chicago, this book features essays from over twenty open government pioneers that discuss issues of relevance in the open data movement and the practical implications of implementing these policies. Beyond Transparency is a cross-disciplinary survey of the open data landscape, in which practitioners share their own stories of what they have accomplished with open civic data. It seeks to move beyond the rhetoric of transparency and towards action and problem solving. Through these stories, the book proposes that it is needed to build an ecosystem in which open data can become the raw materials to drive more effective decision-making and efficient service delivery, spur economic activity, and empower citizens to take an active role in improving their own communities.​





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